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Mason-Lite Toscana Wood Fired Masonry Pizza Oven

Mason-Lite Toscana Wood Fired Masonry Pizza Oven

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  • Ability to reach high temperatures
  • The burning of firewood infuses food with smoked aroma
For a variety of reasons, a wood-fired oven is unquestionably the best option. It can achieve extremely high temperatures, uniformly distributes heat, and the firewood gives your pizza that extra spice that will impress your visitors.
Wood Burning MPO-18 Unavailable with current configuration

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  • Adds height and gives location for wood storage
  • Built for Mason-Lite Toscana Masonry 18" Pizza Ovens
This masonry wood storage option from Mason Lite Toscana allows you 28 inches of height to stand your oven on. Underneath, there's plenty of room for your wood fuel. There's no need for a storage building or a wood hauler. Keep the wood handy to get your pizza to the right temperature.
Storage MPO-18WS Unavailable with current configuration

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Mason Toscana Wood Fired Masonry Pizza Oven
Mason-Lite Toscana Wood Fired Masonry Pizza Oven

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    Product Details

    The Toscana Wood Fired Masonry Pizza Oven is an homage to stone-baked delicacy, designed to bring out the freshest, most delectable flavors available. This device, which is constructed out of modular concrete sections, has the appearance of actual brickwork and satisfies the high criteria for delicious, natural meals. The Toscana Wood Fired Masonry Pizza Oven is pre-assembled and has authentic, decorative masonry for added refinement and comfort.

    The masonry mortar installation can be completed by one person due to the lightweight modular concrete construction. In less than two hours, the full firebox can be built. This pizza oven upholds the tradition of versatility by coming in a number of finishes such as stucco, rock, tile, brick, and more. Due to the high heat and weight, this pizza oven requires a non-combustible base with no wood underpinning and a base support of 684 pounds. All parts and components are proudly created and sold in the United States and comply with UL standards. The ICC-ES rating is given to this firebox.

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    Product Name Mason-Lite Toscana Wood Fired Masonry Pizza Oven
    Location Outdoor
    Venting Type Vented
    Finish Ready to Finish
    Brand Mason-Lite
    Construction Modular Concrete
    Fuel Type ? Wood
    Overall Depth ? 48"
    Overall Width ? 42 1/8"
    Total Area 28"

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